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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  June 7, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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meantime we have primary coverage tonight. trish regan leads that 9:00 p.m. eastern time. you can see right there an amazing panel. of course lou dobbs at 7:00 will start the ball rolling. meantime, speaking of trish regan, here she is. take it away for the next hour. trish: thank you, charles. thank you everyone. voting underway in six states, race in california, the big prize could not be tighter. ap reporting that hillary clinton reached the magic number of delegates needed to clinch the nomination, but bernie sanders? he isn't giving up. he is hoping for victory in the golden state that could throw hillary clinton's future as the democratic nominee into question. i am trish regan. welcome, everyone, to "the intelligence report." hillary clinton making history, the first woman ever to nab the nomination for president. but could that news hurt turnout today, potentially giving bernie the victory he so desperately needs? our political all-stars are here
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and they will handicap his odds. meanwhile there are reports today that donald trump is urging supporters to intensify the criticism of the judge overseeing his trump university case as he himself seems to be softening his language, regarding the judge's mexican heritage. now he says, ethnicity doesn't matter but the judge is still biased. watch. >> i don't care if the judge is mexican or not. i am going to do great with the mexican people because i provide jobs but i don't care about mexican but we're being treated unfairly. trish: will trump put it behind him and focus his aim at hillary? get this, "new york times" reporter asking bernie sanders if it is sexist for him to keep running for president because it could, quote, get in the way of what could be the first female president? let me repeat, this from a "new york times" reporter. i mean is this what happens when the liberal media meets political correctness? your favorite media critic howard kurtz is here.
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first, let's get back to california. happening right now as bernie sanders shrug -- slugs of hillary clinton winning nomination and vows to fight on. >> this is not me talking but the democratic national committee, do not lump real delegates from superdelegates who may or may not change their mind. trish: clinton picking up endorsement from house minority leader nancy pelosi and a endorsement is expected anytime now from president obama. there has been no mathematical path for bernie sanders since march to win this nomination so what the heck is still doing in this race? we have gina loudon and matt lipman. matt, i will start with you, you're a hillary supporter, what do you think, why is he still there? >> i've been asking myself that question for a while, trish but you know it is pretty logical which is he has thousands of people chanting his name. he is flying around the country. he has rosario dawson telling
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him how great he is and compare that to senate, with ted cruz telling everybody how much is stinks to being in the senate. trish: so it is a ego trip. >> might be. when it is over you're done and he goes back to his life in the senate. so i think in about a week or so i think bernie will think better of it and getting around to supporting hillary. trish: is he holding out something? does he want something from her, matt? >> listen, he has some very interesting positions. hillary agrees with him on some and not on others. i think bernie will have influence in the party platform. he has run an incredible campaign, obviously. but i think pretty soon the bernie campaign will be over. trish: for her it can't happen soon enough, right, gina? the danger in all of this, those bernie supporters feel like the odds are stacked against them and they start to resent the establishment even more than they already do, lo and behold some of them might vote for donald trump?
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>> that's what we're seeing more and more of. in fact here on the ground in california today i can tell you bernie is wildly popular and calfornians who are for bernie, who are watching this announcement happen right now, saying that hillary's is the victor before they even had a chance to vote, they are saying the system is rigged. they're turning to donald trump. it is anybody but hillary race. trish: it is anybody but ishmestablt pe. in many ways i'm troubled by this. i don't think bernie sanders supporters really understand what he is proposing socialism, socialism, would require the government to take your money, my money, matt's money and then redistribute it as it sees fit. donald trump on other hand is capitalist. gina, how do you square that off, that bernie sanders supporters like donald trump? >> i think it is just because they are so the tired of being force fed candidates by the establishment. i think if you sort of identifies as a democrat, you know you may be on the bernie bandwagon, but donald trump is
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not the person who is stealing it from your candidate. i can tell you in california, bernie and hillary are neck-and-neck. bernie may even be winning. announcement that hillary is not nominee, in order to suppress votes, trish, that's why they did this, to suppress turnout. they think people will not turnout. i think it might backfire. it might have the opposite effect and many more disenfranchised california democrats because of this. trish: what do you think about that, matt? the fact that today we might actually see more people trying to go and cast a vote for bernie sanders because they don't like the establishment taking over the party, i.e., clinton? >> i don't think, i really don't think there is much to that. i will say having voted in california many times the lines today are really incredible. i'm hopeful of a huge turnout. to what gina is saying, hillary beats donald trump in california by about 20 points. donald trump's unfavorable here, over 70%.
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there is no chance of donald trump winning california in the general election. the weird thing i think we should talk about -- trish: let me jump in and get gina's response to that. you bring up an important point it is worth, sort of fast forwarding this to the general election with the assumption it will be hillary clinton versus donald trump. matt saying she doesn't have a prayer in california. gina, you're out in california as well. what do you say? >> i think we should give voters a chance. all due respect to matthew, we should give voters to speak about this. they don't like hillary, i think that should be the primary concern of any democrat analyst out there. they might jump ship after this. trish: you have 650,000 more people registered to vote so they can cost a vote for bernie sanders or children, this time around than four years ago. do what attribute that. matt. >> there is a ton of voter fraud here trish. that is a huge problem.
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in fact my husband is spending most of the day going to the polls, watching for this voter fraud because we know it happened. we have everyone on the ground trying to prevent voter fraud traditionally happened in california. california is liberal state, i'm not going to lie. bernie is vastly popular here. democrats made a miscalculation here. trish: matthew, last comment to you. >> hillary will win california today. hillary is up by 20 points. sure people can vote but trump is wastes his time. trish: it will be interesting race. guys, stay with me. we have more to talk about. donald trump, everyone, perhaps listening to his critics seems to be pivoting away from his attacks on the judge's mexican heritage, the judge overseeing his case, saying it doesn't matter. what matters, trump says, the judge is not treating him fairly. john roberts live outside of trump tower where trump is scheduled to speak tonight. john? reporter: trish, he continues to make the case he can't get fair
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treatment from the judge though he did back off a little bit last night in an appearance with bill o'reilly on the judge's mexican heritage thing. i don't think whether he is mexican or not, i'm being treated unfairly. a time for donald trump and republican party should being triumph. it is end of primary process. should be kicking the ball through the goalpost and high-fiving each other. instead there are deep divisions how close the folks want to be to their nominee. senator tim scott only african-american in the senate from south carolina says the comments from the judge are racially toxic. senator kelly ayote said he should retract them. newt gingrich anytime you question a judge is impartial because of their ethnicity and race you begin to destroy america. listen to what the speaker of the house paul ryan said just a short time ago. >> i disavow these comments. i regret those comments that he made. i don't think, claiming a person
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can't do the job because of their race is sort of like textbook definition of racist comments. i think that should be absolutely disavowed. it is absolutely unacceptable. reporter: just a little while later speaker ryan made the case to brian kilmeade on his program he was not calling donald trump a racist but what he said was racist. only prominent politician came to the governor's defense, chris christie just walked into trump tower a short time ago. here is what he said before he left for new jersey for manhattan. >> i know donald trump. i've known him for 14 years and donald trump's not a racist. so you know, the allegations that he is are absolutely contrary to every experience that i have had with him over the last 14 years and so, we're going to end it there. congressman ryan is entitled to his opinion as is everybody else who has an opinion on this. i've expressed mine and if all we're going to do is talk about this i'm going to get in the car reporter: clearly governor
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christie didn't want to talk to much about it, wanted to make it to the trump tower for the meeting with donald trump. here is the problem that republicans and donald trump are facing right now the they should have been in position since he won indiana primary are to hit democrats at every turn. instead he is giving democrats ammunition to hit him. look what josh earnest, white house spokesman said a short time ago. he said republicans wrapped up their primary process early enough for the speaker of the house to call the nominee a racist and for the governor of new jersey to come out and defend him. those are not statements you want to have made about you at the end of the primary process. trish? trish: john roberts about thank you so much. gina loudon, matt lipman still here with me. gina, we're watching donald trump pivot on this here today. you heard him say that he doesn't care that the judge is mexican. it is not about that. it is that the judge is biased because he is treating him and treating his lawyers unfairly. is this a strategy he needs to take right now? can he recover from any perceived damage already been
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done at this point? >> yeah i think that the american public again is watching this trish and saying, look i see where the racist is in this. this judge, who is affiliated with lawyer's organization literally named, the race, la raza who has given kick backs to the clinton foundation of $650,000 and the american public is supposed to sit aisled e idly buy this is racist, racial supremacy organization of lawyers? they're supposed to think the system isn't racial? trish: la raz sachs you know as la raza, this particular organization this judge belonged to, they are not one and the same. we should make that clarification. that said, you know, clearly donald trump felt as though he couldn't get entirely a fair shake because perhaps he realizes that some of the things he has said, regarding mexicans and regarding that big wall, matt, might likely offend some
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one of mexican heritage. but he is just writing them off all together? i mean, to be saying the things that he has said, does even need them, matt? >> well, this is the problem for the trump campaign right now. right? just getting into the how this campaign is going to work. about 75%, 80% of latinos view him unfavorably, which means he needs a super, super, high amount of white men to vote for him. and right now that is not there. polls don't show that it's there. if he is writing off latino vote, it is hard to see how he could win. now in the last few weeks, this is the time when hillary's been fighting against bernie for trump's popularity -- trish: latino vote anyway? didn't that ship kind of sail a while ago? >> i think it did. i think it did with african-americans and done that with women too. the problem for the trump campaign he has got to get almost 70% of white men and he
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is at about 54% now. trish: gina, last thought to you. >> you know, this is what i can say. there is a big difference between immigrants who are of mexican descent and illegals who are of mexican descent. if you lived in my neighborhood which is mostly hispanic, very many of them are supporting trump. in fact many of them registered to vote just so they could vote for trump. these are mexican immigrants. legal. they're tired of core are up that we're seeing in this case as anyone else. this is about democrat corruption. they can see that. people shouldn't patronize them. they get this. trish: i look at this whole story i kind of wonder, you can not underestimate donald trump. he is extraordinarily clever with how he is able to dominate the headlines. i just wonder if he was, he was nervous about the headlines being donald trump swindler, in that, this judge, in his view wasn't giving him a fair shake. if they were going to come down very hard on trump university, i just wonder if he thought, maybe
2:14 pm
i need to come up with some kind of a divergent strategy and maybe this was part of it, you know, because he may think that he is not faring so well with mexicans anyway. very interesting story. we are seeing him backtrack, which is probably as everybody points out is the right thing to do at this point. gina, thank you so much. matt, see you again in a little bit. don't go anywhere. lots more to come up on "the intelligence report." today a "new york times" reporter asking bernie sanders if it is sexist for him to keep running for president, because it could quote, get in the way of what could be the first female president? let me repeat. this from a "new york times" reporter. folks, this may be what happens when the liberal media meets political correctness. everything gets kind of twisted upside down. your favorite media critic, in a bombshell report the irs releasing what it says is a
2:15 pm
complete list of conservative groups it targeted for extra security. hundreds of law-abiding groups were targets just because they promote conservative causes? coming up, the leader of the class-action lawsuit against the irs is right here on "the intelligence report" and he will explain why this is just the tip of the iceberg. stay with me. i will see you here in two.
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and if you do have an accident, our claim centers are available to assist you 24/7. for a free quote, call liberty mutual at switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509 call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. >> what would you sigh saying in the race is sexist and standing in the way what could be the first female president? >> is that a serious yes? >> yes that is serious question. >> that any woman who running for president, your question implies, that any woman, that any person, any woman, who is running for president is by definition the best candidate? so if hillary clinton runs for
2:19 pm
president is your point it is sexist for any man to oppose her? trish: that was senator bernie sanders responding to a "new york times" reporter, who you can believe it, asked him if it is sexist for him to stay in the race? i mean is this what you get when the liberal media meets political correctness? joining me right now, fox news host of "media buzz," howie kurtz. howie, good to see you. >> hi, trish. trish: this teams to me, anyway, to be a pretty loaded and biased question. frankly i think it's a whole lot more sexist of him to think he needs to get out of the race just because she's woman and he needs to deliver that presidency on a platter because she's a woman. why would "new york times" reporter ask something like that? >> i have been shaking my head about this ever since the question was asked, i'm still shaking my head. i'm absolutely baffled from my question. there are 50 things you could have asked bernie sanders in this situation. i thought he actually handled it pretty well.
2:20 pm
are you selfish trying to continue winning this nomination? are you stupid trying to continue to win nomination? are you sore loser? are you undermining the democratic party whose nomination you're competing for? do suggest it is sexist either means hillary clinton owes a deference, is about to become the first woman nominee of a major party, or if bernie was running against joe biden he would act differently, or he would say okay, i lost, i'm dropping out. it doesn't make any sense. trish: it doesn't make any sense. a lot of people on the left who think she is owed it and that one should be differential, including bernie sanders. he should be keffer rings because it is her time that doesn't fit in any category out there running against her. a lot of people feel it is time for a woman, how dare he?
2:21 pm
>> people are entitled to field that way, certainly hillary partisans are entitled to feel that way but to see a journalist answer ask that question, if debated her, if he was too tough on her is that sexist? i think we should just retire that word, except when we are faced with absolute clear-cut incidents of sexism. in political campaign you're trying to win against whoever who -- trish: more evidence of what we already know, that is what "the new york times" is coming at the news from, very specific bias and to a certain lens and certain prism. let me quickly ask you yes didn't you ask this of barack obama right? do you think that perhaps was barack obama was the first african-american that had a shot at being there in the oval office, so people, they just didn't ask that question? >> well, first of all, i think that barack obama, who also was a trailblazer in different way, got very soft treatment from the
2:22 pm
media, that was part of it, seen as historic candidacy. i'm going to push back a little bit and say we shouldn't blame everybody who works for "the new york times" for question of one reporter that it was bad question. "the new york times" broke the email story so they're not line with hillary clinton. can bernie sanders not do math, now why is he talking about staying in the race when ap says she has enough delegates? he loves spotlight. as independent senator he didn't have much attention in washington. he doesn't have much else to do. he can't run again because he will be 78 years old. he wants the moment and loves attention. trish: i said earlier, like one big giant ego trip. anyway, thanks, howie. >> politicians on ego trip. trish: don't forget, watch howie on "mediabuzz" on fox news channel at 11:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. eastern every sunday. coming up the irs releasing
2:23 pm
today what it says is a complete list of the conservative groups it targeted for extra security or scrutiny. hundreds much law-abiding groups said they were target because they promoted conservative causes. up next the leader of the class-action lawsuit against the irs is right here. we'll explain, why you know what? this is just the tip of the iceberg. you ain't seen nothing yet. stay with me, i'm back in two. my name is fred and i carve heads out of cheese. it's not easy. i was once working on a bust of shaquille o'neill in swiss. i haven't worked in swiss since. everyone called me crazy. things really took off when i got my domain name from godaddy and now they're selling like hot cakes...made of cheese.
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trish: three years after the irs admitted to targeting conservative groups we are finally seeing the list of groups that were actually singled out by the irs and the number is a lot higher than originally reported. take a look there. turns out 426 groups were targeted for extra scrutiny. many are conservative groups that have words like tea, patriot, liberty and
2:27 pm
constitution in their titles. joining me the president of citizens for self-governance, mark meckler. his non-profit conservative group was not targeted by the irs but he is financing a class-action lawsuit against the irs. mark, welcome. good to have you here. >> thank you for having me. trish: you saw the newly-released list and you believe the irs included more liberal groups into this list after the investigations began in order to make it look like all groups were being scrutinized? explain your thoughts on that. >> absolutely. the important thing to note the list priced by irs was not requested by the plaintiffs or their attorneys. it was not requested by the court but was produced voluntarily, quote, unquote, by the irs and i think really as fabrication part of the pr campaign asking in to see here. the reason i believe that strongly, actual documents,
2:28 pm
lists that were produced contain over 1000 individual documents they classify as lists of targeted entities. this list they produced is just for pr purposes. has nothing to do with reality. when we go back to analyze the list, the earlies contained only conservative groups and only after irs did they add names to the list progressive or liberal names. trish: once they realized they were in hot water they had to do something like they were a little less biased in terms of who they went after. what was the motivation in your view? >> well the motivation, continuing cover-up of the actual scandal. the scandal itself is in my opinion under the direction of this administration, or at least condoning of conservative groups. citizens united, complaining about political and freedom of speech. irs consistently went after conservative groups. when it started to be exposed
2:29 pm
they knew they were in trouble. as so often the case the cover-up is as bad as crime itself. they are conducting a pr campaign attempting to prove they are innocent in this case. trish: if you are able to prove that the irs deliberately did this and then tried to cover it up, seems to me, other than you know, awarding some of these groups that had to go through the pain of dealing with the irs, settlements, there should be something bigger happening in the way of penalties? >> there should be. i agree with that. first of all, john koskinen, the head of the irs, the irs commissioner right now should be impeached and we have to question why congress is not proceeding with impeachment hearings. he has been shown to lie to congress, shown to cover up what the irs did. the second question we should be asking, who caused production of this list, this 426-name list, this fake list? who demanded that that be produced, who caused the production of that list, how high does that production go?
2:30 pm
these are important questions for the media. congress should be looking into this immediately. trish: seems to me, frankly, mark, it is criminal. if you are deliberately telling people to go after certain groups, or certain individuals, if you are using the hand of government in that way, it's pretty serious stuff? >> it is really serious stuff. most americans fear the irs more than any agency in the federal government. there is a good reason, because they use these kind of heavy-handed tactics against people they don't like. lois lerner to go into the way-back machine, she took the fifth because she, i believe, because she had done things that were wrong and things potentially criminal and didn't want to speak about them. theamerican people need to and deserve to get to the bottom of this. trish: absolutely. more transparency please soon and fast. mark, good to have you here. coming up, everyone, the state department announced it settled more than 1000 syrian refugees right here in the u.s. last month.
2:31 pm
but a source tells fox news, that a number of these folks, a good number of them, have ties to isis. so is this president putting political correctness ahead of our national security? by the way, is the future democratic nominee doing the exact same thing, because while obama talks about bringing 10,000 syrian refugees here to the u.s., she wants 65,000. we're talking about implications of it next. innovative sonicare technology with up to 27% more brush movements versus oral b. get healthier gums in 2 weeks guaranteed. innovation and you. philips sonicare. save when you buy the most loved rechargeable toothbrush brand in america.
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♪ trish: department reportedly reselling more than 1000 serious migrants rights herein to the united states last month. 4700 more have been approved for presettlement in our country. what do we really know about these people? have they been vetted? i cohosted for megan kelly on the kelly file, the sources are warning him that a good portion of these migrants have isis connections. watch. >> 10 and 17%. we know that from both the intelligence that we saw. the european attacks. trish: 470 people. they will in some form.
2:36 pm
>> political correctness ahead of our own national security. why does hillary clinton want to bring in 65,000 serious and to the united states of america? far more than the president even wants. dan morgan. the national spokesperson for citizens four trial. you heard his sources. he said this is putting up much greater danger. why do you think hillary clinton is so willing to up the ante? bringing in 6500 isis terrorists >> willing to play were russian roulette. the job of the president of the united states is to protect us. you cannot protect american citizens by bringing in tens of thousands of foreign invaders. planted by isis.
2:37 pm
ties to islamic terrorism. we have rdc and the disastrous effect. will not stimulate. they have great murders of salted. destroying the community. hillary clinton is willing to play russian roulette with the lives of the american people. as a result of her policy, more americans will die under her administration. trish: making a point there. you laugh about it. you have only to look at what is happening in europe. only to look at all the women molested, raped on new year's eve in corona. this is a very serious matter. you are talking about a potential president of the united states welcoming and 65,000. migrants.
2:38 pm
why is that something you laugh about bush or mark. >> hillary and the american people will not die because we are leading in more refugees. >> can you guarantee me? we have not had that amongst the group. >> i am in l.a. a shooting at ucla. a couple people were killed. huge shootings around the country all the time. we can talk about that, too. trish: we will talk about that another day. you are missing the topic on hand. 65,000. migrants coming to our shores. at a time when, by the way, there is no possible way that these people can be vetted.
2:39 pm
>> go-ahead. trish: answer, if you would did the obama administration says no way. >> to vet these people, we'll leave but in a couple thousand so far. the process takes so long. the european countries and what is going on there. they do not have the same process. that does not happen in the united states. trish: there is no way to that these people. let's hear from homeland security. right now. >> will not know a whole lot about the individual refugees.
2:40 pm
>> there are certain gaps. talking about it in the data available to us. >> putting it past to infiltrate . >> jan morgan, isis has already promised they will infiltrate those groups and refugee populations. what do we need to be concerned about right now? >> trish, i almost feel sorry. having to defend the insanity of hillary clinton. wanting to ban the second amendment. a lemonade in gun manufacturers. she wants to use the australian method of gun control. basically meaning no guns in america. we will be defenseless victims.
2:41 pm
they were defenseless. always have guns. bad guys always get guns. she will play russian roulette. if you want to really talk about guns, i think you should start with your own gun, hillary. walk around like the rest of us do and see if she still wants to talk about eliminating guns. >> bringing up an important point. part of being a political elite is that you can be protected. you do have security. i've got ago. >> all of those points are completely wrong. i do not think that they are important. people in this country would still be able to have guns. those points are ridiculous. i do not need to do that.
2:42 pm
>> i do not think that there is any defense for right now opening our borders up 65,000 people that we cannot possibly that in the system. i do not know how she will campaign on that. those are the issues that people care about right now. good to see you guys. lawmakers in california bowing to extend obamacare to illegal immigrants. obamacare not covering legals. sort of like a promise that you can keep your own doctor and your own insurance plan, if you like them. we will debate it. stay with me.s back in two. ♪ okay, mostly prepared? could you save 1% more of your income?
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it doesn't sound like much, but saving an additional 1% now, could make a big difference over time. i'm going to be even better about saving. you can do it, it helps in the long run. prudential bring your challenges
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♪ let's check out these markets. we have a little bit of a rally on how her hands. the composite index. up. above $50 a barrel. haole lou yet. ongoing supply disruption. shares of drugmaker's tumbling. disappointing first-quarter earnings and slashing the outlook. the intelligence report will be right back.
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california lawmakers fighting to extend obamacare to illegal immigrants. there go the president's comments. we are on it. ♪
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you back 18 k today. a dismal jobs report that we saw on friday. a bgc partners joining today. the bond market is not a whole lot right now. upward momentum. is the market fully, thoroughly divorced from economic fundamentals at this point? >> i think that it has been. there are marital problems right now. a number of facts. crude oil. demand is so take. i do not think so. talking about the fed. janet yelling got a dismal job report last week. talking a bit dovish lee and her recent speeches. telling the crude market, the currency market, the stock market that we will not see an
2:48 pm
aggressive fed. an excuse to just buy assets. >> trying to keep investors that they. we are continuing to watch all of the data that comes in. she seems to think that outside of that, jobs report last friday, the data is enough to support a move upward you know her better, i think. >> that is true, too. let's not put too much faith. a terrible record in terms of economic forecast. why wouldn't they. they have not managed money. they have not been real bankers. no wonder they are bad at forecasting. the record really has been dismal. stocks are near all-time highs. we have also been up in this range for about a year and a half.
2:49 pm
trading right here on the dow jones. two extremely scary downdrafts. it is not without risk while we should be celebrating all-time highs. it would probably be more on drake cold duck celebration. >> we need to start seeing some economic fundamentals. i would feel better if that was the case. steve, good to see you. be right back. ♪ poor mouth breather.
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2:53 pm
joining me right now is steve moore and criminal defense attorney brian claypool. pretty much just a mess. now lawmakers in california, anyway, want to do what they can to help illegals get insurance. is there just no end to the financial burden? >> i think that this is pure stupidity. exactly why you see a rowboat among voters across the country. playing into the hands of donald trump. we cannot even afford health care for our own citizens let alone people that are here illegally. i think that there is a strong case that can be made. i wonder how anybody would respond to that. >> brian, do you want to give it a shot? >> it encourages illegal
2:54 pm
immigrants to be responsible. not a bird out if. the legal immigrants will have to pay for their own insurance. on top of that, we live in the u.s. there are a lot of really kind hard-working illegal immigrants that are in california, trish that will not be leaving anytime soon. why not partner with them and let's get them health care and why not pay for it. trish: someone goes to the emergency room. it does not matter if they are legal or illegal. effectively, we all pay for it anyway. i imagine brian would say, look, this is a way of helping the overall system out. because they will get those people into the system. your response. >> i think it goes back to what donald trump decides. not supposed to be here.
2:55 pm
it should not be obamacare. should not be in the country. something that americans feel very strongly about. trish: i know you are. very pro- immigration. >> look at our traditional immigration laws going back 100 years, we took people as not becoming a public targe. we lost that tradition. i think that it is very harmful to taxpayers. trish: some kind of major overhaul so people are not coming here to live off of everybody else. i think steve is making an important point. he wants to go to fight for anyone. he wants to do it in a sensible way. >> here is the problem. i was one of the lead lawyers in one of the largest child abuse cases in the country.
2:56 pm
representing 20 hispanic families. you will hear a legally, i will tell you firsthand. hard-working dedicated you will ever see. they want to be part of this is dumb. they want self-respect. >> you can come here. if you want to work. if you want to be a contributing number two society. if you just want to live off everybody else, that is not the. >> a lot of these are trying to become legal. many hurdles for them to become legal. they are not just sneaking in here and tried to suck off the system. there are a lot of responsibilities here. >> good to see you. be right back. ♪
2:57 pm
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and get a free 50" smart tv, plus up to $650 back. only on america's best network. trish: voting is underway in six states today, and all eyes, of course, are on the big prize,
3:00 pm
california. join us tonight right here on fox business for our special coverage. lou dobbs is kicking it off at 7 p.m. eastern, and he will join me and the all-stars at 9 p.m. tonight. don't miss it. liz is from california, right? liz: yes, i am. i'm from california, and i live in new jersey, so i'm covering both angles. trish: i like it. liz: we're going to have a great time, we're going to provide what we hope is that second-by-second information on a very important evening. trish is going to be at the helm, we'll see you then. thank you. and in the meantime, wall street readies itself for a historic day. we already hit dow 18,000, did it again just 40 minutes ago. this as oil hurtles over $50 per barrel, and the s&p 500 is nearing an all-time record. and you know what? it's not just the markets. hillary clinton may also be on the verge of making history.


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